MAS 6318 -- Fall 2022

Lecture Times: Asynchronous
Class Location: Canvas Site

Instructor: Zvi Rosen
Email address:
Office: Science Building (SE-43) 224
Office Hours: Thursday: 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm (Zoom)

Algebra can be loosely described as the study of polynomial systems and discrete structures. Geometry can be described as the study of shapes and spaces. These two topics are intricately intertwined, and in this course we will explore the nature of that connection. This course is offered for the Master's sequence in Math Education, so will not require any background in abstract algebra.

We will begin in Greece with straight-edge and compass constructions and connections to quadratic field extensions. Then we will explore the shapes defined by vanishing of quadratic equations, namely the conic sections. Finally we will build up to Bezout's theorem about the intersections of algebraic curves, by learning about projective geometry and intersection multiplicity.

Throughout, we will be thinking about communicating the material using the GeoGebra platform.

From the FAU Catalog: Integrative treatment of advanced topics in classical algebra and geometry. Use of dynamic software.

Course Syllabus:

MAS 6318 Syllabus.

Most class business -- including homework and quizzes -- will be managed on the Canvas site.