MAC 2233 -- Spring 2023

Lecture Times: MWF 12 pm - 1 pm
Class Location: General Classroom South (GS) 109 (map)

Instructor: Zvi Rosen
Email address:
Office: Science Building (SE-43) 224
Office Hours:

This course introduces students of the life sciences to the incredible tools of the differential and integral calculus. Numerous examples and applications from biology are used as motivation.

From the FAU Catalog: A descriptive and intuitive introduction to the methods and applications of differentiation and integration. Primarily for social science and business administration majors. This section is restricted to Business majors only. This is a General Education course and counts toward the Gordon Rule computational requirement.

Course Syllabus:

MAC 2233 Syllabus.

Most class business -- including homework and quizzes -- will be managed on the Canvas site.