MAS 6333 -- Fall 2021

Lecture Times: TR 11 AM - 12:20 PM
Class Location: Phil Smith Hall (BU) 112

Instructor: Zvi Rosen

Email address:
Office: Science Building (SE-43) 224
Office Hours: Tuesday: 2 pm - 4 pm

Commutative Algebra, the study of commutative rings, is a bit of an unsung hero in modern mathematics. It has been a major engine of progress in algebraic geometry, where coordinate rings describe algebraic varieties, and number theory, where many results emerge from studying extensions of the ring of integers.

This course will introduce you to the basic players of commutative algebra: rings, ideals, modules, and sequences. We will also prove and apply some important basic results including Nakayama’s Lemma, the Nullstellensatz, and the Hilbert Basis Theorem.

From the FAU Catalog: An introduction to commutative rings. Topics include ideals, modules, rings and modules of fractions, integral dependence and valuations and chain conditions (Noetherian and Artinian rings).

Course Syllabus:

MAS 6333 Syllabus.

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